The current process of getting a mortgage loan is a time-consuming, paper-driven driven and overly complicated one. There is also a basic lack of transparency in this process. The mortgage process is basically a black-box to most of consumers. Most of the information needed to make a good decision is not readily available. Our mission at Valhalla Home Loans is to make the mortgage loan process a transparent, efficient one and at the same time save money for consumers.

We accomplish our mission by combining technology with professional mortgage services. Our Promise to our customers is to provide them:

  1. The Best Mortgage Rates
    • Access to multiple wholesale lender partners mean competitive rates.
  2. Low Closing Costs
    • Prudent use of technology reduces our overhead -- we are also paperless.
  3. Fast Approvals and Closing
    • Electronic documents, e-signatures and technology speed up our process.
  4. Transaction Transparency
    • All loan related rates, fees and other costs always accessible on-line.
  5. Stress-free Process
    • Help is available anytime when needed and wanted.

With us you, the consumer, is the driver. You have access to information, technology and personalized professional services. You decide how much technology you want to use -- you can use all the technology at your disposal and automate the mortgage process as much as you want. Or you can let a licensed mortgage professional help you throughout the mortgage process -- from finding a rate that meets your needs to funding the mortgage loan.

You may ask, what is it in our background that lets us give you the best of both worlds – professional mortgage services and mortgage technology? Well, we are both technology and mortgage/real estate veterans. We bring decades of experience in building successful companies in mobile communications, telecommunications, internet/mobile consumer applications and enterprise software applications. Also, we are veterans of the real estate industry with over two decades of experience.

So, welcome to our web site and try out our website. We strive to exceed your expectations and make finding mortgage loan to buy that ideal home a breeze. If you ever have any comments about our service, always feel free to contact us and let us know here. We welcome your comments and will act on your comments -- whether it's a complaint, praise or an improvement you would like to see implemented on this site.